A Quick Look at the Most Popular Energy Companies

A Quick Look at the Most Popular Energy Companies - image


There are literally dozens of energy companies throughout the United Kingdom and thanks to this massive variety, you normally have a choice of which company you hope to use as your provider. Some have naturally risen head and shoulders above their competitors and if you wish to enjoy the most amenable rates, it only makes sense to work with the best in the business. We have gone ahead and taken the guesswork out of this equation by creating a brief list of the most reputed energy providers as well as some traits which set them apart. Let us take a look at three firms to appreciate what each has to offer its customer base.


Utility Warehouse

You might be surprised to learn that the "Big Six" energy companies have actually dropped in rankings over the past year only to be replaced by smaller and more dedicated firms such as Utility Plus. At the time that this article was written, Utility Plus was the most preferred energy firm within the United Kingdom due to its numerous incentive programmes as well as its stellar levels of customer support. When we add flexible pricing solutions into the equation, it becomes immediately clear why this company could indeed be looking at a bright future within the energy sector.


Flow Energy

Flow Energy is the second player to have made it to the top of our list. According to Which.co.uk, it is actually the only firm to score five out of five points in regards to value for money and clarity in terms of billing cycles. These are two areas which were lacking within the Big Six firms; primarily due to the fact that they took a rather generic approach when dealing with their customers. One of the mission statements of Flow Energy is to provide reliable source of power with a more personalised touch. If you have been less than satisfied with billing clarity and transparency in the past, Flow Energy could represent an excellent alternative to consider.


Octopus Energy

The flexibility and reach of an octopus is well known and this company of the same name aims to provide both to its burgeoning client base. Supplying more than 400,000 homes throughout the United Kingdom, users will be pleased that no bureaucracy is present; offering clear and straightforward billing policies and options. It is said that more than 30,000 customers are joining every month and this is due in no small part to flexible tariffs as well as access to 100% renewable energy options. If you care about the environment as well as lower premiums, Octopus Energy could be a great place to begin.


Please note that the "best" energy companies throughout the United Kingdom will change from time to time. Firms which are at the top of their game could suffer setbacks in the future. This is why it is always important to keep abreast of the latest news as well as why you should use the plethora of online comparison sites to your advantage.