Sure-Fire Tips to Encounter the Best Hotel Rates

Sure-Fire Tips to Encounter the Best Hotel Rates - image


Whether you are looking to stay within the lap of luxury or you require a hotel for only a single night, there are nearly countless options at your disposal. While budget accommodations are certainly an option, you should never be forced to sacrifice quality for limited finances. This is why it is always very important to appreciate some of the most potent money-saving tips if you need to stay at a hotel in 2019. What choices do you have? Are there any tools which can be used to quickly find the most amenable rates with a single click? If you have been hoping to save money while relaxing in comfort, the information below should indeed come in handy.


Leverage the Reach of Internet Comparison Sites

The best way to obtain an objective opinion in regards to hotel rates is to employ the use of third-party websites. You will be able to compare and contrast the top deals with the click of a button. You can also opt to include other variables such as the duration of your stay, the size of the bed and the ratings from other users. If you find an amenable deal, you will normally be able to reach the website in question directly.


Hotel Review Portals: The Power of the Spoken Word

Many individuals believe that major portals such as and TripAdvisor are only focused upon hotel reviews and guest feedback. While this is indeed true, we should never forget that these very same properties will be given a certain number of stars based upon the price. You can even sort your selection from the cheapest to the most expensive. This will often provide the clarity and insight required to make the appropriate choice when the time is right.


Chain-Based Credit Cards

Airlines and travel agencies often offer programmes such as cash-back rewards or loyalty points. Why should hotels be any different? Many of the major chains will provide customers with a franchise-specific credit card. Not only will this help you avoid spending inordinate amounts of cash, but the savings accrued via credit card purchases will provide you with an extra level of financial breathing room. Always ask about chain-based credit cards (even if they are only electronic) when contemplating a reservation.


First-Person Booking

We had mentioned the power of third-party review sites earlier in this article. While it is indeed true that they are able to provide you with an additional level of information, we should also keep in mind that booking through such websites will often incur a separate set of fees in terms of commissions. This is why it is always best to book directly with the property (or franchise) in question. There will be no hidden charges and the chances are high that you will be able to enjoy a significant discount.


Speak with a Representative

There is no doubt that the Internet has come a long way in recent years when referring to finding cheap hotel prices. Still, never forget that traditional forms of negotiation still hold a great deal of weight. Speak to a live representative in order to see if they are able to offer you any deals that might not be available within the virtual community. As opposed to losing a booking, the customer service specialist could very well provide you with a substantial rebate.


These are only a handful of ways in which you can save money on hotel bookings during 2019. Always be sure to perform the correct amount of research in advance and above all, never be afraid to ask for a discount.