Tyres Guide 2020

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When it comes to purchasing a new set of tyres for your vehicle, the decision to choosing the right one can be bewildering. Differences among tyres can have a real impact on fuel economy, noise, handling, and even braking. So, it is vital to focus on the different features, which a particular tyre offer before going in for the investment. But don’t stress, this tyre guide 2020 will provide you with the crucial facts you require to make the right tyre choice for your car at a pocket-friendly price.


1. Hankook

Hankook is a tyre manufacturer, which keeps things simple in terms of features and tyre design. They have an array of models to choose from, and each category offers something unique to each customer. Their models include:


· Kinergy tyres

Kinergy category of Hankook tyres is for those who are environmentally conscious and need tyres to be eco-friendly. They are rated to be among the best fuel savers and are also noiseless, soak up the vibrations, and easy to maneuver.

Hankook Kinergy ST H735 All-Season Radial tyre is super affordable.


· Dynapro tyres

Dynapro tyres provide models that allow the perfect traction on both smooth and rough road surfaces.


· Ventus tyres

Ventus variety of Hankook tyres are made out of a soft rubber compound for better on-road performance, are sport-oriented, and a bit expensive.


· Optimo tyres

When it comes to driving comfy, the Hankook Optimo series is second to none. However, they are out of reach for the average buyers.


· Winter I’Pike

Hankook’s winter I’Pike are the best when it comes to providing a stable treading on snow-laden grounds. But they have average summer or dry performance.


2. Bridgestone

There are many reasons why you should believe it is a great idea to choose tyres from this brand — the most vital ones being the fact that every model tries hard to cover the relevant basis and also the quality to expect.


All Bridgestone tyres make use of various technologies and have innovative features, which allow every model to have an incredible handling property, all-season performance, fuel-efficient, and comfortable. The best-selling, offordable Bridgestone tyres are:

DriveGuard Run-Flat Radial Tyre

Dueler H/T 684 II All-Season Radial Tyre

Dueler H/L Alenza All-Season Tire - 275/55R20 111S


3. Goodyear

Goodyear is one of the most popular, biggest, and oldest companies worldwide. It has become a synonym for durability and superior quality, showing excellent fuel efficiency, comfort, and stability.


Goodyear incorporates many impressive technologies into their tyre designs, which allow them to offer superior performance in all seasons in both rough and smooth surfaces. Top and affordable models include:

Wrangler Radial tyre

Eagle RS-A

Unisteel G614 RST


4. Yokohama

With more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing quality tyres, Yokohama has become an affordable, popular tyre brand. The top two reasons why each driver should give these brands a try is their environmental sustainability and technological innovations. Below are some of their affordable and leading models:

Avid Touring S All Season Tyre

Avid Ascend Radial Tyre

Geolanda A\T Go15 All-Terrain Radial Tyre


5. Toyo

Toyo tyres have an excellent tread life, control, and traction. They have an affordable price, durable, variety in design and size, and sustainable. The best-selling, cheap models are:

Open country M\T Mud-Terrain Tyre

Extensa A\S all season Radial Tyre

Open Country A\T 11 Performance Radial Tyre

Open Country AT2 All-Terrain Radial Tyre

Open Xtreme A\T 11 All-Terrain Radial Tyre


The final verdict

When you are figuring out how to choose tyres and searching for the best tyre brands, there are lots of elements to consider. You should also know that the top car tyres may be a bit different than everyone else. And so, it comes down to individual preferences and needs.