Best Vacuum Cleaners 2020

Best Vacuum Cleaners 2020 - image

Keeping a clean house or floor space is no easy job and is a task that never ends. This process can become slightly less exhausting if you invest in the correct vacuum cleaner. These days they come in all shapes and sizes and with a combination of features that fit a different type of consumer needs. The best vacuum cleaner depends on several factors which include the floor plan, floor size, floor material and most importantly the occupants of the space.


Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Being the latest cordless vacuum cleaner made by Dyson, it offers unrivalled design mobility in almost any space. The remade cyclone technology produces more suction power than the previous generation models making it the best to use in 2020. The cleaner can detect differences in air pressure, altitude, temperature and adjusts its setting to improve efficiency and offers an impressive 60 minutes of use in the lowest power settings. This powerful cleaner ranges between £500 - £600 that makes it affordable.


Shark IF250UK

This is a cheaper and most decent alternative to most high-end products made by Dyson. The best feature of this cordless is that it has two batteries right out of the box with each maxing on about 22 minutes but can total to 44 minutes if swapped during your cleaning. The design is really impressive for it offers easy portability and coupled buy its powerful suction and its variety of cleaning modes easily make it one of the best. The product also includes a special edition for pet owners but the standard option is more affordable.


Dyson V8 Absolute

This was the predecessor of the now the best vacuum cleaner and offers top-of-the-line features only now even being more affordable for the average user and remains a real joy to use. First, it offers a lightweight design and makes it easy to navigate around tight spaces. It also comes with 6 different heads for use on different surfaces. The large bin offered by the machine will take a lot of trash before a decrease in performance and needing emptying. It can be purchased under £500.


Gtech AirRam MK2

This is the perfect blend between the flexibility of a cordless cleaner and a strong suction power in the market. It also makes a perfect choice for people looking for a real light vacuum cleaner they can do quick chores with. It offers one of the simplest setups you will come across right off the box. Unlike other cleaners, it offers automatic head adjustments for different floor types which proves to be handy for first-time cleansers. Its price range is between £400 - £500.


Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

If you are looking for an impressive, corded, relatively cheap cleaner with continuous suction then this is your cleaner. It offers one of the best vacuum jobs on carpets picking up dust particles stuck deep inside not just those on top. A simple push-button releases the large impressive bag from the bag and another button to empty the contents to the bin makes it easy to work with. It, however, makes a big trade-off by being a corded cleaner but it makes this on its pricing. You can acquire this brand from as low as £300.


All the above brands are quite affordable as they range below £600, their availability makes it easier to acquire. In addition, their features make them more efficient for cleaning and the durability makes them long lasting.