Best Coffee Machines 2020

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Any coffee lover has an idea of what their perfect coffee should be like, proposing one machine over the other would be incredibly hard as some outperform others. However, there are additional features that distinguish one model from another. Generally, if you want to brew a better cup of java at home, buy a machine that uses a preparation method that will boil down to your taste, time, and technique.


What are the best coffee machines for your kitchen in 2020?


Bean to Cup Machines


Melitta Caffeo Barista TS and TS Smart

If you need to work with an intelligent coffee making machine, Melitta Caffeo Barista TS is fully automatic for espresso-based drinks. It features two bean hoppers thus can produce a variety of coffee with a water capacity of 1.8l. It has cup warmers to ensure you enjoy your cuppa. Additionally, it has a milk frothing feature with a design that keeps your kitchen neat and tidy. The Caffeo Barista Ts is superb in steaming milk automatically; this gives an impressive smooth foamy top.

The customizable features of Caffeo will make a coffee enthusiast insane; the range of operation is impressive. By pressing short-cut buttons, you can adjust strength, temperature, beans to use and make several recipes such as a ristretto or lungo.

The maintenance is less annoying thanks to the LCD, which will tell you what to do and the perfect time to do it without having to refer to the manual. The Barista TS is brilliant when it comes to milk cleaning. All you have to do is put the milk hose into the drip tray, and a steaming cycle will clean it for you.


Gaggia Naviglio

It may lack the smart features like that of the Barista TS, but it's much more affordable and produces excellent espresso. With Gaggia, you make the adjustments manually to get the preferred taste, and with a steam wand, you can froth milk and make unique milk-based drinks like cappuccino. Also, its maintenance is easy by venting a small amount of water when you power the machine off and on. Additionally, empty the coffee grounds and drip trays when full.


Manual Espresso Machines


Sage the Dual Boiler

If you want the full coffee shop experience at home, the Dual Boiler is what you need. It has industrial-quality components and dual boilers to enable you to make steam milk and espresso at the same time. It has the LCD, where you can manually set time for the single and dual cup operations.

You can also set an auto wake time to ensure your machine is ready when you get up. It is also easy to clean this dual boiler; the LCD panel will let you know when it is time to clean it, and the manual gives you instructions on how to clean it. The dual boiler is expensive, but rewards outstand the cost.


De'Longhi Dedica EC685M

It is a cheap, stylish machine that will squeeze into the tightest space in your kitchen. It has all the essential features to make a great cup of espresso. A handy cup-warming tray-up top, a steam wand for milk frothing, a double drip tray, and a removable one-liter reservoir.

Using the options button, you can set the temperature, water hardness of your area, and how long you want the coffee tamped down. The Dedica can also use ESE capsules, thus easing the brewing process while making it is less messy. Its cleaning is simple as the outer cover detaches to reveal a rubber spout, therefore easy to remove any residue.


Pod and Capsule Machine


De'Longhi Lattssima Pro

It is the most versatile counter-top Nespresso machine capable of making milk-based drinks and pure espresso. It has an aesthetic appeal that fits any kitchen style. It has a sheer solid feel which prevents the machine from shifting when removing used capsule receptacle or plugging in the milk.

The lattssima pro has a touch-sensitive button and LCD screen that makes the setup and operation easy.

It is intelligent that it runs a cleaning cycle after every use to prevent getting blocked and makes you feel the presence of a buddy when it reminds you to put the milk back to the fridge. It is a bit pricey, but it gives you value for your money. Alternatively, you could also buy Lavazza Jolie Plus, it is cheap, makes coffee with ease, including milk-based drinks, but its major downside is that it does not have a cup warmer.


Filter Coffee Machine


Melitta Aroma Elegance Therm Deluxe

It is a good option for those who prefer tried methods and aren't too fussed about coffee creations. The Mellita Aroma is the best quality filter that is very easy to use. It has a removable water reservoir for easy refilling. It uses paper filters, thus allows you to tweak between flavors. Also, it has clock and time controls to help you set the time when you want the coffee to start brewing, and with a thermal jug, it keeps your coffee hot.


What makes that great taste?

Whatever your definition of a great coffee taste would be like, highly depends on the type of machine that you buy. Therefore, you have to look for more detailed factors that would suit your needs, they include;

  • Ability to keep the coffee warm and fresh.
  • Ability to clean itself.
  • It can be programmed.
  • Its owner can customize to brew the preferred kind of coffee.
  • The coffee brewing method