A Look at the Most Popular UK Broadband Providers and Some of the Benefits of Each

A Look at the Most Popular UK Broadband Providers and Some of the Benefits of Each - image

We have all come to rely upon the benefits associated with modern broadband usage. Whether speaking with friends via a wireless network connection, liaising with a business client who is located thousands of miles away or simply surfing the net after a long day at work, the presence and influence of this technology cannot be denied. As broadband is so very popular, there are a number of firms which have exhibited an influence upon the UK marketplace. If you are looking to switch providers or should you have recently moved to a new location, it is always wise to take a look to see which companies have risen to the top of the pack. Let us therefore examine three of the most popular broadband companies as well as some of the amenities which set them apart.

BT Broadband

BT Broadband guarantee wi-fi in every room and offer a free activation fee, as well as unlimited monthly usage. Some of their packages are: Fibre Essential (average speed 36mb), Superfast Fibre (average speed 50mb), Superfast Fibre 2 (average speed 67mb), and Broadband (average speed 10mb). Their prices are from £26.99 a month, but they often have special offers on. You can find these offers here.

EE Broadband

EE Broadband has received top grades in a number of categories; perhaps notably in terms of the reliability of their customer service solutions. If you happen to run into a problem, you can rest assured in the knowledge that a representative is always close by. However, there are some other features which have come to define what you can expect from EE Broadband.

Although primarily known as a mobile provider, you might also be surprised to learn that this firm provides some of the tastes fibre optic speeds (if available in your region). Known as "Max Fibre", velocities as high as 300 megabytes per second are possible. Be sure to navigate to their site to see if you qualify.



Plusnet can be considered the most independent of this group, as they are willing to provide you with much more leeway in terms of contract lengths. Although most providers will have you locked into place for 18 months or longer, you can choose yearly plans and even pay-as-you-go options on a monthly basis. Although their range of plans is not as impressive when compared to other firms, this is largely negated thanks to their rock-bottom prices and excellent levels of reliability in terms of connectivity. This is one of the reasons why customer satisfaction associated with Plusnet is one of the highest in the entire industry.


Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a well-known name within the broadband sector and it should come as no surprise that the firm has made this list. Not only can you choose from a wide array of pricing packages, but you also have the ability to bundle broadband services with other needs such as television and landlines. Offering fibre optic speeds as high as 362 megabytes per second, Virgin Media relies heavily upon the speed of its services. Although these plans are slightly more pricey, the fact of the matter is that you get what you pay for.

Feel free to perform your own additional research if you would like to learn more about these broadband providers or others who might be located in your immediate area. Making the correct choice now will save you time as well as money.