Breakdown Cover

We are all aware of the inconveniences associated with a flat tyre or a sudden breakdown while on the motorway. However, many feel that the rarity of these instances dictates that nothing more than a normal insurance policy is sufficient. It is an unfortunate fact that this is not always the case. It can often pay to add a supplemental addendum onto your existing package. Commonly known as breakdown cover, this bundle can save you a great deal of time, money and aggravation. Let's take a look at how it works.

The Ins and Outs of Breakdown Cover

As the name suggestions, this type of policy will come into effect if you happen to suffer a breakdown while driving. Unless you happen to meet a charitable mechanic along the way, the chances are high that you will endure significant out-of-pocket expenses. Some of the situations which breakdown coverage can address will include:

  • Flat tyres

  • Battery failures due to cold weather

  • Lost keys

  • Fuel issues

  • Engine problems

Having said this, you can also choose to customise your plan with additional options such as roadside recovery, home-based assistance, transportation to a local garage and even a replacement vehicle.

How Does it Work?

The good news is that the majority of insurance providers will offer this type of service in addition to their standard packages. Prices tend to vary depending upon your travel needs as well as the type of vehicle. Obviously, older units which are more prone to encounter problems will cost slightly higher to cover. Monthly instalments will be included within your normal billing cycle and if no claims are made over a predetermined period of time, there can be instances when the cost of breakdown coverage will drop.

A Quick Look at the Top UK Providers of Breakdown Coverage Policies

While there are naturally a kaleidoscope of different firms which offer this service, not all are created equally. Let us take a look at the best providers in the business (at the time that this article was written). You can therefore make an informed choice when the time is right.

GEM Motoring Assist is thought to be one of the top firms in the industry today. Part of this observation arises from the fact that you can ensure numerous types of vehicles including classic cars, mobile homes and motorbikes. Another useful amenity associated with GEM Motoring Assist is that a technical adviser will always be on hand if you run into a complicate problem. The company publishes quarterly newsletters and it offers discounts to loyal customers.

RAC is arguably the most well-known provider within this list. Roadside assistance is a standard feature and you can include roadside recovery in the event that your vehicle breaks down more than one-quarter of a mile from your home. There are three plans to choose from and the most comprehensive offers you up to £1,200 pounds in accommodation expenses if required.

AA is a final company worth mentioning. Not only do they offer some of the most flexible policy options on the market, but unique packages such as coverage for two people who reside at the same address could be a great idea for families. Vehicles of any age or condition are covered and if you choose to pay annually, your rates will be significantly reduced.

It is a good idea to research these and other firms carefully in order to determine which offers the most relevant packages for your unique needs. In terms of breakdown recovery, it pays to be prepared in advance at all times.