A Look at the Latest Samsung Smart Televisions

Samsung is a Korean technological powerhouse that has been producing quality products for decades and this is certainly a well-deserved reputation. Although many consumers will often equate this company to smartphones, the fact of the matter is that their lineup of smart televisions is just as impressive. Not only will you be able to enjoy unparalleled realism when watching your favourite film or television programme, but these televisions also serve as complete entertainment centres. Whether connecting to the Internet, initiating a conference call or playing the latest Call of Duty game, the fact of the matter is that you will love what is in store. let's now take a look at one of the top Samsung models in 2018 as well as some of its main features.

The Top Model to Select: Technology on Your Side

Many industry experts feel that the Samsung UN50MU6300 is the best television produced by the firm in 2018. It offers full 4K resolution as well as a host of modern features that can be adapted in the event that more cutting-edge technology is offered in the future. This TV is a great consideration, as it is equipped with modular options. Unlike some other smart televisions, this sense of flexibility helps to ensure that it will not become obsolete in only a few short years.

Getting down to the finer points, there are a number of unique attributes associated with the UN50MU6300. Its user-friendly nature is backed up by a system know n as Samsung Smart Hub. This tool will allow you to easily switch between television programmes, films, games and music with only a single click. Even if you have never owned a smart television in the past, no prior experience is required to leverage all of the benefits that Smart Hub has in store. Let us also keep in mind that this television can be integrated with many other smart home devices thanks to built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Another great advantage of this unit is that it is supplied with a remote control simply known as OneRemote. As opposed to more complicated systems, OneRemote allows you to adjust many parameters (such as the volume) of multiple devices from a single and centralised port.

Speaking of flexibility, this model is available in a number of different sizes. These start at screens of 40 inches and they continue up until you reach the incredibly large 75-inch variant. 40-inch displays are generally suitable for smaller rooms and apartments while larger screens can be used within equally spacious entertainment centres. Of course, the price of the smart television is normally determined by the associated screen size.

This television has been designed with HDR (high dynamic range) technology. You can expect brighter colours, more realistic contrast and excellent back lighting. It therefore supports HD videos offered by third-party hubs such as Hulu, YouTube and Netflix. Let us also not forget to mention that 4K resolution signifies that the unit offers four times the clarity associated with 1080 pixels (the previous HD standard). One of the reasons why this is important arises from the fact that the amount of 4K content is predicted to explode over the next few years. So, you will not have to worry about any future upgrades being necessary in order to accommodate for this content.

This television is equipped with a sturdy base stand although it can also be mounted onto a wall with the associated brackets; ideal if you have been looking to save space.

Getting the Best Deal

As mentioned previously, the price of the unit will partially revolve around the display size. You can also look for great deals by navigating to common online portals such as eBay and Amazon.co.uk. Other online electronics-based retailers such as Maplin and Zavvi should also be considered, as they tend to specialise in items such as smart televisions. However, be sure to read the reviews associated with each size carefully in order to better appreciate the experiences of individual users. Check for digital coupons, QR codes and similar types of rebates. On a final note, waiting until the very end of the year could provide you with further cost savings due to clearance sales before the new line of inventory is offered.