Latest Samsung Phones 2020

The biggest smartphone company, Samsung, on 11th February launched their latest series of eagerly anticipated line up of flagships which include; the Galaxy s20 and the Galaxy s20 plus, which are the successors of the s10 and s10 plus, the s20 Ultra and the new Z flip phone. To the customers’ delights, Samsung has taken one of the most significant leaps in upgrades in recent times which is highlighted below.

The Galaxy S20

It comes with a 6.2-inch display, a 120 Hz QuadHD OLED display which is a super high resolution coupled with HDR plus which offers a great super responsive high refresh rate screen which will be noticed right out of the box. To match the high refresh rate, Samsung has doubled the touch sensitivity allowing the device to respond twice as fast touch input. It also boasts a 4000mAh battery to keep up with the big and bright display which is enough to get you through the day on a single charge. The device runs on the snapdragon 865 CPU, has 12 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage which is upgradable through a micro SD slot. Additionally, it hosts 3 cameras on the back; two with 12 MP and the third having 64 MP and a single front-facing camera of 10 MP. The phone is IP68 water-resistant, is 5G network capable and starts at £766.

The Galaxy S20 Plus

This phone comes with a larger 6.7-inch display but with the same 120 Hz QuadHD OLED technology offering the vibrancy and colour accuracy that the company has always been known for. Subsequently, it also has a larger 4500mAh battery to keep up with the more prominent display. Apart from that, this device has many things in common with an average variation which includes the snapdragon 865 CPU, 12GB of Ram, a micro SD slot, a 10mp selfie camera, IP68 water and dust resistance certification and 5G network capability. However, there several differences that make this a ‘plus’ version, as the name suggests, they included an option of a bigger 512GB of internal storage apart from 128GB. The plus version also has a depth sensor in the triple camera setup. The pricing for this phone starts at £922.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra

This spec king seems like overkill on paper, especially for its starting price of £1,075 but doesn’t disappoint hands on. The design clearly runs in the s20 family plus some other specs like materials, factory colours, 5G network capability, water and dust resistance, CPU and micro SD slot. In contrast, this device has an even bigger 6.9-inch display which is still 120hz with an even bigger 5000mAh, which is absolutely massive but sounds just about right concerning juicing up the nearly seven-inch display. It is also a little bit thicker compared to the other phones in the family. The Ultra offers two options of Ram and internal storage of 12 and 16GB and 12 and 512GB respectively.

Additionally, it also supports faster charging of up to 4500mAh. What makes the phone even more special is the camera. It offers a quad-camera setup which includes an impressive 108 MP primary camera and a 48MP telephoto lens capable of zooming up to 100 times. It also boasts a 40MP front camera for crisp selfies.

The Galaxy Z Flip

This device is pretty much different from your traditional screen displays as it could fold vertically. It is also a massive upgrade from the first generation, which was the galaxy fold. The folding ability is enabled by a thin glass display and a well-weighted three-step dual hinge. It offers flagships specs like the snapdragon 855+ CPU, 8 GB of RAM, 256GB of internal storage and a combined 3300 mAh battery with wireless charging included and also a side fingerprint scanner. It also has a dual-camera setup with 12MP on each camera. The display is a 6.7 inch 1080p 60 Hz OLED display with a hole-punch camera cutout for the camera which is quite impressive for a foldable phone. The starting price is £1,060.