Looking to Purchase an iPhone? Here is What You Need to Know

It can be argued that the iPhone is the most well-known and popular phone in history. It has been mimicked by countless other manufacturers and even large companies such as Samsung have been accused of stealing proprietary design concepts from time to time. While there were doubts that the concept of a “smartphone” would ever prove to be popular, such questions are now all but irrelevant. The key is to better appreciate which modelshave proven to be the most popular as well as some of their major features. Let's therefore begin by looking at the newest version as well as some recent variants which have scored quite high. We will then conclude by examining how you can encounter substantial discounts without sacrificing the make or model itself.

Which iPhone Should I Choose?

Many will argue that the new iPhone XS is the best model on the market. While it might not outwardly appear much different from the previous models, this new version offers amenities such as a new A12 bionic chipset which provides the entire unit with more processing power than in the past. If you enjoy taking selfies, you will be pleased to know that the rear-facing camera has employed smart HDR technology which automatically adjusts various lighting conditions which simultaneously providing crystal-clear images. When we add into the mix that some versions offer memory capacities as high as 512 gigabytes, it becomes clear why the iPhone XS has turned heads since its original release date. Having said this, the physical design of this model has not been altered from the standard iPhone X. This is good news if you have been looking for a model that offers the same "feel" as previous versions. However, the battery life is not drastically improved and the price tag associated with the iPhone XS is still slightly over 1,000 pounds. This could prove to be problematic if you do not have a great deal of money to spend.


In this case, another great option is the iPhone XR. The unit is essentially a slightly stripped down version of the standard XS and it has been marketed to those who cannot afford a top-of-the-line model. It still possesses the A12 chipset as well as other features such as smart HDR, facial recognition, a TrueDepth camera and a high-definition LCD display screen. The only major difference is that its memory capacity is not as robust. However, this is not likely to impact the performance of the phone unless you plan on downloading a host of memory-laden applications. Keep the XR in mind if you are looking for a great deal on an impressive phone.

Where Can I Encounter Reasonable iPhone Discounts?

The newest iPhone model is associated with prices of well over 1,000 pounds and yet, there are some ways around this. One of the most common methods is to sign up for a contract through services such as Virgin or EE. As they are always looking to entice customers, they will often include a new phone as part of a “package” deal. This is arguably the best way to encounter an iPhone with a substantial rebate.


You could also choose to purchase older models. The reasoning behind this is rather simple. As soon as a new unit hits the markets (such as the iPhone XS), older models will drop in price. In reality, these previous versions boasts many of the same qualities (such as appearance and weight) while they might very well be priced a few hundred euros less.


Your final option will require a bit of research. Take a look at portals such as Amazon.co.uk to see if any sellers are offering iPhones at discounted prices. These are likely to be used versions and if they are in good condition, it is highly unlikely that you will see an differences. However, the only caveat is that they are (generally) not associated with any type of long-term guarantee. This is the reason why you should only work with respectable sellers. There may also be physical retail locations within the United Kingdom that will offer discounted models. These are likely to be encountered within major urban centres such as Birmingham and London