Looking for the Latest Google Phones? You Have Come to the Right Place

Google is one of the most recognisable brand names in the world and this company has been associated with digital technology for as long as most of us can remember. While primarily known as a search engine, Google has branched in to offer some of the most well-received and technologically advanced mobile phones on the market. Millions of individuals have already purchased one or more of these models and their popularity continues to grow. If you are hoping to get the best deals on the market alongside a quality smartphone, a good amount of research is first necessary. Let us take a look at some of the factors which define a quality Google phone as well as how to save money during the hopping process.

Which Google Phone Should You Select and Why?

To be clear, Google has manufactured dozens of phones and the one thing which they all share in common is the fact that they employ the user-friendly Android operating system. However, many analysts feel that the Google Pixel 2 is the best phone on the market in 2018. There are several reasons behind this observation. First and foremost, this involves the use of Android 8.0 Oreo; one of the fastest and most comprehensive operating systems on the market. This is then backed up with a solid Snapdragon 835 SoC processor as well as four gigabytes of on-board RAM. While 64 gigabytes of storage is offered as standard, you will also have the choice of upgrading to 128 gigabytes. While the Pixel 2 does not boast other options such as 256 or 512 gigabytes (such as the memory allocation associated with enhanced versions of the iPhone XS), the truth of the matter is that 128 should be sufficient for most needs. Other impressive features include a rear camera that provides 12.2 megapixels of resolution and a battery offering 2,700 mAh of power. Please note that this phone has been certified to be waterproof as well a dust resistant. Unless you plan to go deep sea diving, you should not run into an problems in regards to functionality. The phone itself has been manufactured by HTC and it i still one of the most popular models since its initial release in 2017.

However, the Pixel 2 is not the only smartphone which you can choose. Let's not forget that the first generation of the Google Pixel is still extremely popular, and for good reason. Not only was this the flagship model, but many of its features ares still comparable to devices released in 2018. Although the phone is automatically equipped with Android 7.0 Nougat, it can easily be upgraded to 8.0 Oreo. Up to 128 gigabytes of on-board memory are available and a standard four gigabytes of RAM are present. What is perhaps the most interesting feature of the original Pixel is that it offers a 12.3-megapixel camera; a slightly higher resolution when compared to the Pixel 2. You will still be paying significantly less and most of the major amenities are still present. Barring less memory, the fact of the matter is that the Google Pixel gives many modern smartphones a serious run for their money.

Some of the Methods to Find Great Deals

Whether you have decided upon the Pixel 2 or you enjoy the first model, there are numerous ways to save money and encounter the best deals. Take a look at authoritative websites such as Techradar and Amazon to appreciate the relevant specifications as well as the current market price. One of the benefits of navigating to such portals is that they are often able to offer you discounts that might not be available directly through the manufacturer. You could also choose to speak to members of smartphone forums in order to appreciate any lesser-known sites that supply quality phones. However, it is still best to stick with those sellers that are the most trustworthy; they are also more likely to provide you with substantial warranties (although the coverage may be less when compared to dealing with the manufacturer directly). Always be sure to shop around if you hope to get the best deals possible on this line of smartphones.