Top Tips for Choosing the Best 2018 Gaming Consoles

Some of us can recall the halcyon days associated with 16-bit gaming consoles such as Nintendo. Those who are a bit older might even recall other systems such as the Atari 5200. It is indeed amazing to think about how far we have come in just over three decades and this trend certainly shows no signs of slowing down. Not only are modern consoles able to boast levels of processing power that would have been the stuff of fiction in the 1980s and 1990s, but the sense of realism associated with the games themselves has ascended to an entirely new dimension. If you are considering one of these consoles for yourself, a friend or a loved one, there are several features which should always be taken into account. Without delving into overly technical details, let us examine some of the parameters to examine ahead of time.

What Factors Define a Quality Gaming Console?

The first thing to examine is the number of games which are available. One of the downfalls of last systems such as the Sega CD is that only a limited number were created. Thus, its popularity never came to fruition. Major players such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox are associated with hundreds of titles and this selection will only increase into the future.

Compatibility is another major issue. In other words, will the console be able to connect with other devices such as personal computer, a laptop or even a smartphone? Can it be utilised in conjunction with a smart television and if so, what amenities are offered? Does the console come equipped with built-in wireless technology (such as Bluetooth) or will you be forced to purchase additional drivers in the future if you wish to upgrade? The most useful systems are those which boast a nearly universal sense of compatibility.

Always be sure to determine what accessories are offered with the gaming console. While some are sold as standalone products, others are equipped with controllers, touch pads, haptic technology and even VR headsets. Assuming that the unit does not offer virtual reality augmentation, can it work in conjunction with major brands such as Oculus Rift? This is obviously important if you hope to enjoy the growing variety of VR-based games on the open market.

Although this subject is not covered in many gaming articles, it is critical to examine the durability of the console. What materials has it been made from and how sensitive is it to shock or even being accidentally dropped from a short distance? It is an unfortunate fact that some of the highest rated units are those which are also the most susceptible to minor shocks and in the majority of cases, such instances will render the warranties null and void. If you plan on transporting the unit from time to time, never forget to address this potentiality.

How to Encounter the Best Gaming Console Deals

The gaming industry within the United Kingdom is huge and as a result, you will be able to encounter a number of deals. The main takeaway point is knowing where to look. Begin with online offers and try to contrast at least three reputable and well-known sellers. Examine third-party review portals in order to obtain much-needed opinions from other users as well as from industry experts. Determine if there are any seasonal bargains or if you are able to obtain online discount codes (such as digital vouchers). It might also be wise to discover if financing packages are available. If you choose to finance a gaming console, you will be provided with incremental monthly payments for a specific period of time (generally between one year and 18 months). This can represent a very affordable option if you happen to be adhering to a limited budget.

What are Some of the Top-Rated Gaming Consoles Within the United Kingdom?

If you hope to enjoy the best of what the industry has to offer, it is a good idea to quickly look at the most popular consoles. directly below:

  • The Xbox One Deluxe
  • The Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4 Pro (One Terabyte version)
  • The Nintendo Wii U Console
  • The HTC Vive Virtual Reality System