Brewing Up a Winner: Finding the Best Coffee Machines on the Market

If you are in the need of a hot cuppa, the chances are high that you have specific tastes and desires. Coffee indeed makes the world go round and whether referring to a cup before heading out to the office or an espresso after an evening meal, there is no doubt that the brewing process plays a critical role. This is why knowing what to look for in a quality coffee machine is critical if you hope to avoid a generic taste and a substandard brew. As this can be a slightly complicated process, we have taken the time to break it down into a number of easily digestible steps. If you have grown tired of coffee that looks and tastes more like ground-up dirt,this article will certainly provide you with the necessary information.

What Defines a Quality Coffee Maker?

The first real decision involves the type of machine. For example, drip coffee makers are associated with making individual cups as well as larger quantities (often useful within an office environment). On the other hand, coffee capsule machines are intended for single-serve use only. . Pump espresso units essentially represent the "middle of the road", as they can be employed for a single cup or they can handle three or four within a handful of minutes.

The second concern will involve the accessories and options associated with the machine in question. Many of the more modern and high-end models provide users with automatic timers and specific brew settings. Others will physically grind the coffee beans; the best way to brew a strong cup as well as to extract the most flavour out of the beans as possible. What is the capacity of the coffee machine and what type of digital controls are offered? If a number of individuals will be using the unit to brew a cup or two, it is best to opt for a machine which provides rather simplified instructions and parameters.

Cleaning should also be addressed. If a coffee machine is not cleaned regularly it will often encounter problems with its pumps and filters. This is even more of a concern if you happen to live in a location associated with hard water (minerals can build up over time and possibly render the entire unit useless). Easy-clean machines are best; especially if you do not have a great deal of time to devote towards general maintenance.

The size of the coffee machine is the final factor. There is no use purchasing a unit associated with dimensions that will make home or office life more difficult. Remember that you will likely have to move the machine during cleaning and maintenance, so only purchase one that can be handled.

How to Encounter Some Great (and Tasty) Deals

Coffee machines are available in a wide range of prices. Some low-end models can be purchase for no more than 20 pounds while professional units (such as high-end espresso makers) are often valued well into the hundreds (or even thousands). Still, always check online to see if any deals are being offered. Will the unit need to be purchased with a lump sum or are monthly payments available? What type of warranty associated with the unit? Most quality machines are equipped with a warranty of at least a single year. It could also be possible to upgrade to a more robust guarantee (a good idea if the machine is used frequently). It is also important to take into account the versatility of the unit. What types of coffee can it brew? Is it capable of performing other tasks such as making hot chocolate or a latte? Obtaining a well-rounded coffee maker while staying within your budget should always involve these steps.

The Top Coffee Machines for 2019 and Beyond

Have you been curious to learn which machines are considered to represent the top of the line in terms of functionality? Let's take a look at a quick list of the best brands in the 2018 marketplace.

  • Nespresso Barista
  • De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM 4200.S
  • Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Oracle (the most expensive on the market)
  • Gaggia Classic Deluxe Coffee Station
  • Melitta Caffeo Barista TS Smart
  • Miele CM7500

Please examine these and others in greater detail if you are curious to learn more about the best of the best.