A Look at the Best Smartphones of 2019

A Look at the Best Smartphones of 2019 - image


Do you think that you know all there is to know about modern smartphones? Have you finally decided to upgrade an older model for a new and more efficient alternative. Either way, it is always wise to know which makes and models are considered to represent the best phones on the market. While 2019 is still young, there are nonetheless a handful of smartphones which have risen head and shoulders above their counterparts.


These are considered to be the top upcoming phones in 2019. Some honourable mentions:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Fold (You have to check this out)
  • Samsung Note 10
  • OnePlus 7
  • iPhone 11
  • Google Pixel 4


While you might want to get hold of the shiniest and latest devices, these models are still considered highly valuable especially since their prices will be dropping soon.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

It should come as no surprise that the leading search engine developer has made this list. The Samsung Galaxy is a Close rival with Apple and the new Note 9 seems to deliver on past results. Some of the most impressive features of the Note 9 include a massively increased battery life, a larger screen when compared to previous versions and standard storage capacity of a full 128 gigabytes. Another interesting addition which is specific to the Note 9 is that its S Pen can actually double as a remote camera in the event that you wish to take a selfie without using the phone itself. This model should give its rivals a true run for their money.


The Apple iPhone XS

Apple is still considered to be the top smartphone brand on the market and after an arguably flat response to the iPhone 8 series, the 10 (also known as the "X") has taken things up a notch. In fact, many experts feel that the iPhone XS is the best phone on the market. While rather pricey, let's not forget that users get what they pay for. The XS is known for its massively improved dual camera which now has the capability of capturing images in low-light settings as well as an appreciable battery life. Dual SIM card support and a lightning-fast internal processor ensure that even memory-laden applications will not slow down this new model. Its OLED screen provides crystal-clear images and while the external design has not changed much, this sense of familiarity will be welcome to most users.


The Google Pixel 3

Originally launched in October 2018, the Pixel 3 has been making tech-related waves ever since. The Pixel 3 is noted for its 5.5-inch OLED display screen; a massive improvement over past models which is able to support colour discrimination much better. A trademark streamlined housing and an easily manageable size (when compared to larger phones) are some other notable benefits with this model. Both the front and rear camera have likewise been upgraded; a trend which seems to have become popular with all major developers.