A Look at the Best Samsung Smartphones of 2019

A Look at the Best Samsung Smartphones of 2019 - image


While Apple might still take the lion's share of the smartphone market, there is no doubt that Samsung is its main rival and some even believe that this brand will overtake Apple in the near future. As a result, there are a number of quality Samsung phones to choose from. It can still be a bit tricky to make a decision and there are numerous variables to take into account. Let's narrow the playing field down a bit by looking at a handful of the top Samsung models on the market today as well as some of the uniqe benefits that each has to offer.


The Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 is one of the best phones on the market in 2019. Not only has it embraced the same aesthetic appeal associated with other Samsung models, but a host of amenities helps to ensure that even the most discriminating of users will be pleased. The S10 offers triple cameras with a wide angle lens and an in-display fingerprint scanner. Its HD+ AMOLED display screen rounds out the visual appeal of this device.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

While the S10 Plus might be slightly more expensive than the standard version, many users feel that shelling out a few extra pounds is worth it. One notable difference is that the S10 Plus has a depth sensor camera in the front and larger battery for improved battery life. Premium specifications, a seamlessly flawless housing and a screen which contains nearly no bezels are some features which will appeal to the average user.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxyy Note 9 is a massive leap forward for anyone who has been looking for an Android-powered phone with an improved battery life. While the power of this unit is impressive, it should also be noted that the addition of the trademark Samsung S Pen is another major feature. Still, the fact of the matter is that the price tag associated with this model is quite hefty and its size is certainly not for everyone. Having said this, those who desire a top-notch phone which can be used for business as well as personal needs should fall in love with the Note 9.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Although the Note 9 may be the leader of the lack in regards to smartphones with larger screens, the reputable Note 8 could still represent the perfect option for many. The main difference is obviously its reduced price. Originally released in December 2017, the Note 8 was considered to be a cutting-edge model for its time and many still feel the same. While the S Pen may be lacking, the massive screen as well as its lifelike OLED resolution are likely to turn heads.


Samsung is one of the top mobile phone manufacturers today and it will be interesting to see what else 2019 might have in store. If you would like to learn more, please research each of the models mentioned above in greater detail and be sure to visit the official Samsung website.