The Ins and Outs of 4K High-Definition Television Systems

Television has indeed come a long way since the advent of the traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) version. Not only have these units become amazingly detailed in regards to the definition of the picture, but the development of the flat screen has dramatically reduced their overall weight. When we combine these two variables with the fact that many HDTV (high-definition television) systems are now 60 inches or larger, it becomes clear why they have become the centrepieces of many homes. Although the prices have dropped substantially over the past few years, some of the top models still represent very real investments. This is why a good deal of research should always take place if you hope to encounter the best deals on the market. Let's take a look into what you should account for in a 4K television before moving on to understand how you can encounter money-saving opportunities.

How to Choose the Best Version

The size of the television is very important and in this sense, there is a bit more than may initially meet the eye. 4K resolution is defined as how many pixels are involved when displaying a picture. For instance, consider a standard 1080p video (such as those found on YouTube). 4K contains four times as many pixels. So, the sharpness of the images becomes clear. However, you also need to take into account the size of the television and this is arguably the most important factor.

You should consider the size of the TV in relation to where it will be located. Larger screens can be cumbersome and they can even cause issues such as headaches when viewed at close range. The optimal viewing distance for a 4K television is approximately three metres, so units that are too large could actually present problems.

The second main variable is whether or not the screen has a slight curve. This is a rather new development, as curves allow the unit to be viewed from side angles. This is obviously beneficial if you plan on having guests over when watching the latest football match.

Another issue to address ahead of time is whether or not you plan on mounting the television on a wall. There are some units which have been designed in such a way as to support brackets (these may or may not be included). Others are intended to stand on a separate entertainment centre. Bracket-mounted televisions are great ideas if you have been looking to save a significant amount of space.

Aesthetics will also come into play. Some televisions include wrap-around borders while others have screens which extend flush to the sides. these provide a more seamless appeal and yet, they can sometimes appear slightly odd to the eye. Take a look at what is offered in order to appreciate which may be the best option.

On a final note, take a look at whether or not the unit is backlit. Some 4K televisions are equipped with a back-lighting feature. It is said that this amenity provides a greater amount of contrast and issues such as shadowing are reduced. While these are slightly more expensive, it may very well be worth the money if you hope to enjoy the most realistic entertainment experience as possible.

Encountering Money-Saving Deals on Quality Units

4K HD televisions can range anywhere from a few hundred pounds (for smaller units) to well over 2,000 pounds if you are looking for the largest models on the market. However, it is often possible to find rebates by comparing the prices of third-party Internet providers. Mail-in discounts may also apply. Finally, many end-of-the-year sales can offer savings of ten per cent or more (as companies nee to clear out existing inventory for newer models).

Some of the Top Brands on the Market Today

Now that we have obtained a general overview of what to look for, let us quickly list what many consider to be the top 4K televisions in 2018

  • The Sony XBR 81E
  • The LG OLEDE7P
  • The Samsung QNQ7F
  • The Vizio E and D series (from 2017 onwards)
  • The Nebula Mars Portable Cinema

4K high-definition televisions are without a doubt the wave of the future, so please keep these suggestions in mind.