Men's Clothing 101: What You Need to Know to Make the Best Choices

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This is particularly the case when choosing men's clothes. While there is a general perception that men could care less about the garments they choose to wear, this is actually more of a myth than a reality. A growing number of men (particularly the millennial generation) are paying close attention to style and fashion options at their disposal. This is why it is a good idea to take a look at some top tips when searching for the most trending items on the market today. If you have come to an impasse in regards who which shopping strategies are the most effective, please feel free to read on.

Top Tips When Searching for the Best Items

Keep in mind that you will always be paying more for brand name men's clothing. You should therefore pay close attention to your budget so you will not eat into your essential savings. If you cannot afford a high-end brand,it could be wise to look for products which offer a similar look and feel. While this is "cheating" to an extent, the fact of the matter is that it s a common practice.

In the same respect, take a loo at the physical qualities of the clothing item in question. Pay particular attention to the stitching and the seams. Look for thin fabrics around and within the pockets; these can lead to annoying holes and tears. The durability of men's clothing will also partially depend upon what it is intended to be used for. Obviously, you will require more robust fabrics when hiking as opposed to searching for the latest three-piece suits.

Try to avoid men's clothing partially comprised of polyester. While this is a cost-effective fabric, the downside is that it lacks durability over time. Another drawback of polyester is that it will often shrink when washed. It is much better to choose quality fabrics such as cotton or wool. Look for the tag on the inside of the garment in question. This will tell you what fabrics are used as well as highlight any special washing instructions.

ALWAYS try the clothing on before leaving the store. men have a notorious habit of simply assuming things will fit properly. Instead, spend an extra five minutes in a changing room to avoid any inconvenient mistakes. Similarly, obtain receipts for all of the products that you have purchased. These are essential in the event that you wish to return a specific item.

How and Where to Find the Best Deals

Finding the best deals on men's clothing is actually much easier than it may initially appear. Common sense goes a long way in this respect. Take a look online to see if specific clothing outlets are offering any sales or rebates. Try to time your shopping with the times of the year associated with nationwide rebates. The end of the summer and the period between Christmas and New Year's Day are two common windows of opportunity. Also, never be afraid to leverage the power of online comparison portals. These serve two main purposes. First, you will be able to appreciate which retailers are offering significant discounts. Secondly, these very same portals often provide digital offers such as QR codes which can be entered into the e-commerce checkout platform; saving additional money.

Some of the Best Brands in the Business

Male fashion is a massive industry and some brands naturally rise to the top of their game. While these names often change from time to time, there are still a handful which should be considered. Of course, this is assuming that you have the financial means to purchase such items. Let's take a quick look at the top manufacturers today:

  • Bonobos
  • I- ndochino
  • Frank and Oak
  • Untuckit
  • Ralphs Lauren Corporation
  • Gucci
  • Nike
  • Addidas
  • Versacci

Choosing the best men's clothing on today's market can be simple if you know the necessary steps to take as well as which brands represent the best buys for your money. So, feel free to refer back to this article if you hope to make an informed (and fashionable) decision.