SwimBest The All New Swim Jacket (Pink/Blue, 16 Months - ...

SwimBest The All New Swim Jacket (Pink/Blue, 16 Months - 3 Years)


Our brilliant Swim Vests / Swim Jackets help children learn to swim or have fun in the water. By keeping their arms free they are able to learn to use correct swimming strokes. Made from soft neoprene, our float jackets give your child adjustable buoyancy, warmth and 100% sun protection on covered areas. The 8 individual floats can be removed to adjust buoyancy and reduce dependency as the wearer becomes a stronger swimmer. We have ensured that our jackets have been tested independently and that they are approved according to the latest EU safety standard: EN 13138-1. Available in the following colours: Lime/Royal Blue, Pink/Royal Blue, Orange, Red Fish style or Blue Fish style. ORDER BY CHEST SIZE: 16mths - 3yrs / 60 cm = 22 inch chest (Up to 20 kgs approx.) - 3-4 years = 60 cm or 24 inch chest (Up to 30 kgs approx.), 5-7 years / up to 66 cm or 26 inch chest (Up to 30 kgs approx.). All sizes are approximate and a snug fit is ideal to prevent riding up. However, if your child is average or above we recommend going up a size. Our Swim Jackets are recommended for use from 16 months and upwards. We recommend that children with sensitive skin use a rash vest underneath as prolonged use in the water may lead to neoprene rash, like you get when surfing! The wearer should be encouraged to kick their legs and use their arms to propel themselves in the water. Please note: 1) Swimming aids are designed to supplement a child's natural buoyancy not simply keep the wearer afloat. 2) They are not a life preserver and do not prevent drowning. 3) Children should be supervised by a competent care giver at all times whilst in the water.

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The jacket is designed to supplement the wearers buoyancy while they learn to swim giving them a boost of confidence in the water making the experience enjoyable while learning a vital skill
It has 8 removable floats providing adjustable buoyancy to help you teach your child to swim
Designed to hold children in the correct position for learning to swim with the help of adult supervision
When choosing the size please measure the wearers chest. Refer to the size guide shown. If the wearer is average size or above we recommend the next size up. A snug fit is recommended
Independently tested and approved to the latest EU safety standard EN13138-1 Please see below for a more detailed description and information

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