Steam Creation- Professional handheld clothes steamer/por...

Steam Creation- Professional handheld clothes steamer/portable garment steamer. Powerful (1500 watt!) Perfect for home and travel. Plus travel bag/heat resistant glove and fabric steamer brush attach


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Steam Creation Refresh Portable Clothes Steamer by Newcomer Designs

We have created a beautiful, easy-to-use tool that allows you to care for your clothes in a way that they deserve.

Steaming clothes is different from ironing clothes. Like ironing, steam will smooth out wrinkles but steaming also has other advantages. Steam works on almost all materials, even ones that are unsuitable and would be ruined by ironing. Steaming can make colours more vibrant and is kind of like airing on fast forward; your garment is refreshed and odors are neutralized.

Our Steamer is professional grade. For this reason it is used by stylists in the fashion industry. It works by pressing hot steam through the fabric causing the fibres to soften and relax back to their natural shape.

A wrinkle-free steamed garment will feel softer, thicker and refreshed. Steaming can remove dust, dirt and odours rather than pressing them into the garment as ironing can often do.

We believe steaming your clothes after wearing is a great idea. This can prevent excessive washing and subsequent ageing of fabrics thus preventing that worn out look that clothes often develop over time.

Steaming is more gentle than ironing and it negates the risk of your fabrics developing that scorched or shiny appearance. Our steamer will never burn your delicate fabrics since the steam-head never gets that warm. The steam itself is hot and does all the leg work.

We sincerely feel that you will love our products and the accessories included. If for whatever reason you do not, don't hesitate to contact us and we will do everything in our power to make things right.

We have worked hard to create this product and your satisfaction means the world to us.

Kind Regards,

Team Newcomer

Manufacturer: Steam Creation Newcomer Designs

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✔ PREMIUM QUALITY - With so many second-rate portable garment steamers on the market we wanted to set ourselves apart and be the best! While most of the portable fabric steamers out there today consist of a cheap plastic shell and an ineffective steam output Steam Creation has a soft touch ergonomic design with a beautiful matte black rubber finish. Our handheld travel steamer comes in a 100% recyclable boutique style gift box.
✔ HIGH POWERED (1500 Watt) - Here at Newcomer Designs we tested our steamer set against all the market leading clothes steamer brands. We matched up and then some! To our knowledge there is no brand offering a more powerful portable garment steamer. It's as powerful as a full size professional vertical steamer! The Refresh steamer creates a dense plume of hot steam which coupled with the smartflow technology ironing plate melts creases with ease. Just steam and go.
✔ FAST- Ready for use in 15 seconds and the 130ml water tank allows for up to 15 minutes continuous steaming. REMOVES CREASES FROM ALL CLOTHING AND REFRESHES FURNITURE/UPHOLSTERY - Safe to steam cotton, satin, nylon, poly cottons, delicate materials like silk, velvet, chiffon, wool suits, wedding dresses, sequin and saris with included brush attachment. Can also be used to refresh soft furnishings, upholstery, curtains, bedding, sofa's, duvet's, mattresses and other household items.
✔ NO WATER SPITTING AND 360º OPERATING ANGLE - Using the most advanced water pumping and steam technology our clothing steamer can be used for flat and vertical ironing, even upside down. It's simple to use, does not spit hot water on to the garment or leave stains. It's 100% leak proof, easily eliminates wrinkles, delivers powerful steam at the push of a button!
✔ TRAVEL STEAMER WITH LUXURY HEAT RESISTANT BAG/STEAMING GLOVE- This makes Refresh the perfect travel clothes steamer. The bag is great for travel. It can also be used as a safe place to store the steamer while it cools and as a heat protective glove allowing for the garment to be pulled taught and manipulated into the perfect position for steaming. Another useful technique is to hold the glove behind the garment whilst steaming giving a press effect which can be useful for garment edges.

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