JML Grill Circle: The indoor non-stick grill with dual co...

JML Grill Circle: The indoor non-stick grill with dual cooking zones


Grill Circle lets you cook healthy, tasty meals for the whole family on one, easy-to-use, super-non-stick worktop grill. PLUS, it also has a flat hotplate built-in for heating saucepans, steaming veg or directly cooking food like eggs and light, tasty omelettes, allowing you to create complete meals, full of flavour, but with so much less fat, grease and oil!

Why is Grill Circle your perfect path to healthier, incredible food? Because those clever raised bars that give your food an authentic steakhouse look through ‘contact-grilling’ also keep it away from any oil and fat which runs down into the removable drip-tray below, so your food is always in direct contact with the cooking surface and the unhealthy fat is out of the way! With a large, circular non-stick cooking surface, Grill Circle heats up fast so you’ll be charring chicken fillets, searing salmon steaks and flash-frying fajitas in no time.

Grill Circle has a flat grill zone that’s perfect for eggs, pancakes, waffles, omelettes and anything you would normally need a hotplate for.  Why not warm up the tortillas for that Mexican treat, or pitta breads for those kebabs? Why not create a beautiful sauce for that sizzling sirloin? Or steam some dumplings for a delicious crispy duck breast? Even if you just want to heat up some beans for your burgers and bangers, Grill Circle lets you cook for the whole family in one place. And, thanks to the adjustable temperature control, with five heat settings, you can turn grilling into a complete cooking experience.

The non-stick surface is so easy to clean you’ll be done in seconds, and the drip-tray just lifts straight out so it can be washed separately or placed in the dishwasher

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Raised griddle bars create delicious, 'steakhouse' results
Integrated flat hotplate zone for complete-meal cooking
Non-stick surface for 'contact-grilling' with less fat or oil
Removable drip tray catches all the oil and fat for easy cleaning
5 heat settings for total control and perfect results

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