Duronic TV Bracket TVB123M | Wall Mount for 32"-60" Telev...

Duronic TV Bracket TVB123M | Wall Mount for 32-60 Television Screen | Tilting Action -12° | VESA Fits Up to 600x400mm | Fixing for Flat Screen LCD/LED/OLED/QLED | Strong Heavy-Duty | Low Profile


Duronic offer a wide range of TV wall brackets, all offering different features and capabilities. For our whole range please see below and have a browse to find the one that is right for you.

We only use brackets for television and computer screens that are verified as being compatible according to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). By meeting their specifications, you can be assured that you are buying the right size bracket for your screen. Please always measure the distance between the holes in the back of the screen to ensure that the VESA mount you have chosen is a suitable fit.

The Duronic TVB123M is a solid heavy-duty TV bracket that will fit all of the major TV brands on the market. Our television brackets are made of strong cold rolled steel to give customers a durable strong mount for their screen.

This Duronic model is low profile, which means it does not protrude too much from the wall and will not take up much space in your room. Once installed, the distance between the wall and TV is only 3cm.

While our brackets will fit most TV's, we always recommend checking to make sure your particular TV will fit before you order a bracket.

You can check by looking at two details:

1) Check the screen size - if it's between 32"-60" it is the right size for this bracket.

2) Check the VESA holes - measure the horizontal distance of the holes on the back of your TV to ensure they will fit this VESA mount; you can do this simply with a ruler. As long as the holes are no further apart than 600x400mm, you can be sure this bracket will fit on just fine.

Our Range of Television Screen Brackets:

TVB103M / TVB109M / TVB109S / TVB1120 / TVB1125 / TVB1130 / TVB1135 / TVB123M / TVB420 / TVB777

Manufacturer: Duronic

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SUITABLE FOR 32-60 INCH SCREENS: This medium sized bracket will hold any screens sized between 32 inches and 60 inches. The TVB123M has a tilt capability of -12° which enables you to adjust the screen to the angle to suit your needs. The maximum weight capacity is 40kg. To ensure your TV set up is kept tidy, this bracket has a large square cut on the back plate for enable easy cable management.
VERSATILE VESA BRACKET: This television bracket is compatible with TVs that have VESA 200x200, VESA 400x200, VESA 400x400 & VESA 600x400 mounting holes. It's easy to check if your TV is compatible; simply measure the horizontal distance in mm between the holes at the back of your TV. If they are the same as the measurements above, it means your TV will fit.
SUPER STRONG AND RESILIENT: All of our Duronic TV mounts are made from cold rolled Steel, making them super strong and durable. Additionally, this bracket has been electrostatically powder coated to add an extra layer of protection and durability to ensure it looks good and works well for many years.
LOW PROFILE: This model is ideal if you want to install a TV with a low profile to the wall. It's ideal in small rooms or where you want the screen to be straight instead of tilted.
SPECIFICATIONS: The TVB123M is a strong heavy-duty television bracket made to support televisions that are any size between 32"-60". VESA capability is up to 600x400mm. The whole bracket measures 64x42cm. Tilt capability of -12°. Maximum weight capacity: 40kg. Made from cold rolled steel. This bracket comes with all the screws and fixings needed for up to 99% of TV's. Tools needed: drill, long screwdriver and a second pair of hands to help get the TV up onto the wall.

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