Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker for Deep Belgian Waffle...

Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker for Deep Belgian Waffles | Easy to Use No Mess Waffle Machine with Non-Stick Plates | Exclusive Award Winning Design


Create thick, deliciously tasty waffles in minutes without any mess or fuss with the unique design of your Andrew James Belgian Waffle Maker. Your waffles will expand up the waffle grill plates to the funnel at the top where the batter will start to bubble like a volcano.

How Do I Use My Volcano Waffle Maker?

Simply pour your thick waffle batter into the machine at the top and your waffles will start to cook. The unique volcano-style design makes large, round waffles that are about 18cm in diameter and up to 2cm thick. The machine is closed and sealed on the outside so you cannot overfill it, unlike other waffle makers, and once it has cooked evenly, your waffle comes out flat and can be cut into 4 portions.

This quality belgian waffle maker from Andrew James offers fun for the whole family in the kitchen. Your children in particular are sure to love the volcano-style bubbling of the batter at the top of the machine. The unique non-stick plates cook your waffle mix from the bottom up so your batter grows up the plates and starts to bubble at the top. The carefully designed slopes distribute batter evenly and guide it into every crevice to fill your machine perfectly and create even and delicious waffle slices.

Easy Storage

When you aren't using your waffle machine, it can be stored away neatly for your convenience. The funnel can be removed and unclipped from the top and secured into its own purpose-created slot under the waffle maker for a slimline, flat profile. You can also wrap the cord around the machine and clip it into place so your waffle maker fits easily into a cupboard or drawer.

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INNOVATIVE BELGIAN WAFFLE MAKER -- Indulge in thick and delicious Belgian-style waffles with your Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker. As opposed to thin and crispy waffles, the deep pockets mean you can fill them with your favourite ingredients such as strawberries and cream.
UNIQUE VOLCANO DESIGN -- Waffle making is easy and fun with this innovative waffle machine. Simply pour your mixture into the top of the machine and watch it bubble like a volcano.
NO-MESS DESIGN FOR EASY COOKING -- The specially designed funnel clips to the top of your Belgian waffle maker for easy pouring. The measuring cup shows you how much to put in, while the anti-overflow design prevents spills and leaks.
NON-STICK PLATES & EASY STORAGE -- The volcano waffle maker boasts non-stick, cone-shaped plates that make it easier for you to lift and remove your freshly cooked waffle. You can also unclip the funnel and store it neatly underneath the machine for easy storage.
2-YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY -- Shop with confidence. Your Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker is covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

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